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We are a media firm that has focused on the information needs of the construction industry in Africa for the past 30 years.

We run a web portal with 50,000 unique readers a week and publish a print magazine that is distributed across Africa in print and online in digital version

We are looking for someone who can be identifying news items of relevance to the construction industry by searching online and uploading them onto our website for our editors to review and develop for our audience.


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No experience or writing skills are necessary except an ability to read and understand English. No certification of any kind is required.

The successful person will be required to have access to the internet and at least a smartphone to enable him to search the web, log into our website and upload the stories



The core responsibility of this position will be to search online, identify news items that have anything to do with the construction industry, and uploading them online.

We will expect 2 stories a day and payment will be made per story uploaded and identified as relevant by or editors

This is a freelance position not designed to take up more than 1 hour of the day

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South Africa


R 1000

Closing Date:

18 Jul 2020


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