Tourism Lodge Entrepreneur Opportunity for a Management Couple

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Tourism Lodge Entrepreneur Opportunity for a Management Couple

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Opportunity exists for a profit-sharing situation for businessman and partner with an exceptional entrepreneurial drive who wants to become financially successful. Take note, this is NOT a salaried position, but rather a chance to become hugely successful by means of good performance.



  1. Taking full responsibility of and constantly increasing all revenue streams at the lodge and all company overheads whilst being directly accountable for the operation of all areas of the operation in accordance with company standards of product, presentation and service. A minimum monthly profit target must be reached, and a yearly increase in income and profits must be accomplished from which the entrepreneur gets a share of the profits.
  2. Managing, organizing, controlling and efficiently supervising all elements of the company in line with current company policies and procedures ensuring delivery of the financial target as set out by the company.
  3. Recruiting, retaining, motivating, training and consistently developing the department heads along with their direct reports to ensure we get the best from our people and deliver/exceed our guest expectations.
  4. Managing, organizing, controlling and supervising the process of any specified capital expenditure as directed by the owners of the company ensuring financial, conceptual and phasing objectives are achieved in line with company policy.
  5. Managing company agreed budgets of controllable expenses and wage costs, alongside determining and implementing strategies to increase year on year sales and to achieve agreed gross profit margins throughout all units/departments. Should these profit margins be exceeded, then bonuses will be paid out to the general manager.
  6. Regularly exploring competitor activity, market trends and new initiatives.
  7. A key focus area is agreeing, with Head of Departments, their business plans and performance targets and monitoring these to take the necessary corrective action. In addition, you will plan with the management team their strategies to meet the seasonal demands of the business such as Public Holidays, School Holidays, and other seasonal events as they occur.
  8. Must be able to take full responsibility for all actions taken for the company and will be held accountable in all matters.
  9. Providing detailed reports to the owners as to the progress of the company.
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Key skills and abilities will include:

  1. Strong business and financial acumen, with a passion for customer/guest focus.
  2. Must be a pioneer with an EXCEPTIONAL DRIVE to improve the company constantly.
  3. An honest, professional and a respectful approach.
  4. An ability to influence & negotiate.
  5. Experience of planning & organizing projects.
  6. Previous experience in the hospitality industry and senior level management of a similar size and scope will be hugely advantageous.
  7. Exceptional ability to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner
  8. Proven ability to build productive teams that deliver exceptional guest services and high standards of operations.
  9. Unique ability to identify and implement cost saving measures.
  10. Excellent track record for meeting all budget and revenue projections.
  11. Must have a good general knowledge of horses.
  12. Must have field guide experience and must have had some experience with interactions with wild animals.


  1. It takes an innovative and tenacious entrepreneur to face the tremendous challenges, confronting today’s leading lodges successfully.
  2. Somebody who can make a career out of turning around faltering departments, raising service standards, increasing organizational efficiency, and significantly improving bottom-line profits according to the forward projections of the company as specified by the company owners and accountant.
  3. The owners of the company must be able to trust this entrepreneur with ALL aspects of the complete daily running and forward projections of the company.
  4. Must be able to place himself above his subordinates in such a way that he earns their respect, and yet can expect a very high standard of workmanship from them by being firm and fair.
  5. Must be able to take FULL responsibility for ALL employees’ work and actions at ALL times.
  6. Must be able to multi-task efficiently.
  7. Must be able to meet stringent deadlines.
  8. Must be able to know when to do something himself and when to delegate so that the daily running tasks can be executed flawlessly.
  9. Somebody who is able to quickly understand complex concepts, identify and solve challenges, turn ideas into logical strategies, and implement systems that optimize productivity and customer satisfaction.
  10. Must be a non-smoker, with moderate alcoholic consumption.
  11. Somebody who enjoys a wholesome life style, healthy foods and who can handle a good 16 hour day’s work, or however long it takes to manage the company operations optimally.
  12. Must have passion for the hospitality industry its staff and guests alike.




  1. Must be hands-on, in the way that he represents a company which advertises that the owners/directors are hands-on.
  2. Must be involved in many of the day-to-day activities, including lion tours, horse rides, sales and marketing, reservations, welcoming and receiving guests as this is an owner-run operation where the manager stands in for the owner.
  3. Must ensure the smooth running of all departments by being completely involved in all areas including reception, lodge, stables, animal departments, housekeeping, sales and marketing, personnel training and development.
  4. Must have experience in all the departments and must ensure open and efficient communication channels exist between all department heads and him/herself.
  5. A fair amount of the day may be spent in meetings, including regular meetings with heads of department, dealing with operational requirements and daily challenges. The GM must ensure that his staff has his full assistance, cooperation and support in the day to day running of their departments.
  6. As the person in charge, the entrepreneur is ultimately responsible for the health and safety of everyone on the premises staff and guests alike, for food safety, for upholding the licensing laws, consumer protection and employment legislation.

Additional Information

What can we offer you?


  1. One month’s trial period, can be extended if necessary.
  2. Above average remuneration upon performance related execution of functions – PBC – Performance Based Contract. This will materialize after the Covid-virus Lockdown has passed.
  3. Package – % of profits (calculated after TAX) paid out monthly.
  4. Good team environment – as good as you make it as leader of the lodge.

Job Location:

Cullinan, near Pretoria


R 20000

Closing Date:

31 Jul 2020


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