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Student Marketer

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Epicure is an independent distributor of Herbalife Nutritional products stocking a wide range of world-class products. Our Student Marketers are part of the most dynamic and empowered brand and product ambassador program in the world with the opportunity to work in 90 international countries. They understand Herbalife’s target mission and are responsible for driving the brand image and product understanding in their region.


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-Excellent communication skills -Charismatic, energetic, positive and outgoing personality -Highly approachable and social with the ability to relate to different people in many occasions -creative mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit, with a high sense of responsibility and initiative -desire to learn and apply a new range of skills, especially marketing, negotiation and sales


BE A BRAND & PRODUCT AMBASSADOR Live and breathe the brand and company values, representing the brand in a premium way through everyday interactions with customers. Grow the user base by inviting positive trial and awareness of Herbalife Nutrition through product sampling to consumers at the right place and right time - competently answering any questions from consumers. Build and execute a tailored and innovative plan which engages people and brings the brand to life. Work at Herbalife Nutrition events and supported events to help ensure an unforgettable brand experience for consumers.    

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In your application we want to see  what makes you unique and why you think your next opportunity is with Herbalife Nutrition.

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R 7000

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31 Aug 2020


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