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Qualified Plumber

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Simunye Plumbing (Pty) Ltd. commenced 1st October 2004.

The company was born out of Southgate Plumbing, which was founded by Jock Farrell in 1989.

Donovan Farrell joined the company in 1993.

The company originally operated in all fields of plumbing. That is, construction, new housing as well as all fields of maintenance.

It was decided in 1993 to concentrate in the maintenance market only

During 1994 the company found its niche in the insurance industry. Jock and Donovan soon realized, in order to perform in the insurance industry you had to deliver a better than normal service and quality of workmanship. They decided to concentrate their efforts in trying to understand the demands and needs of the insurance industry and satisfy those needs. Southgate Plumbing soon became a preferred service provider to many of the insurance companies.

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Company in JHB looking for a Qualified Plumbers must have completed plumbers trade test with geyser and maintenance experience. Must have a valid driver license and have contactable references

Job Type: Full-time



Interacting with our clients and our call center. Installing new geysers and doing geyser maintenance such as thermostat and element replacements, attending to burst pipes and drains.

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R 9000

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