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Psycho-Social Wellness Manager

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The incumbent will be a member of the Executive Management team and oversee and manage a multi-disciplinary professional team. The main purpose of this post is to oversee that outcomes-based responsive, integrated and transformative child and youth-centred psycho-social and welfare services and offerings are delivered.  The  Project model aims to provide for the holistic development and empowerment needs of the child and youth beneficiary.  The incumbent will be responsible for the successful implementation of all planned psychological, physiological, wellness and social welfare programmes planned for every individual  child and youth beneficiary.

The employee will be provide oversight operational  management and co-ordination of the Projects inter-related and multi-disciplinary service delivery departments which focus on the provision of child & youth psychological, physiological, and social welfare services.

This includes strategic, operational and programme-specific management oversight of the Junior and Senior Partial Care Residential Facilities (the Residential Houses) , the  Junior School and Youth Academy Psycho-social , Wellness  and Social Welfare Programmes.

The employee will also lead the review of the psycho-social, wellness and social welfare holistic model and ensure that effective systems, policies and procedures are in place. It will be the responsibility of the incumbent to ensure that all related legal and statutory compliance requirements are adhered to as per the law and regulation. As transformation, rehabilitation and empowerment of the beneficiaries are core, the employee is responsible for designing and implementing effective monitoring and evaluation tools.

The incumbent assumes full responsibility for the effective day-to-day management decisions and the operational staff management  in overseeing that the multi-disciplinary departments functions and programmes are streamlined within the overall objective of the Project.

General duties associated with the role may involve the following:

  • Advises the Executive Director and Management on all psycho-social, wellness and social welfare programme-specific matters;
  • Supports and motivates sub-ordinate managers and staff to achieve results and desired impact;
  • Ensure that staff, management and Board have verifiable and up-to-date information in consultation with other Department managers on all beneficiaries psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing;
  • Researches opportunities to bring about new impactful change in the methodology and approach to holistic child and youth development;
  • Interfaces regularly between the respective support Department Managers and Executive Management team;
  • Interfaces between the organization and its strategic Programme partners with reference to psychological  and social welfare services;
  • Build relationships with programme specific support partners in order to develop outcomes-based intervention and support programmes e.g. Dept of Social Development, Dept. of Health, Universities, Professional services networks etc;
  • Formulates policies and provides programme-related recommendations to the Board and Executive management specific to the Child and Youth Psycho-Social, Wellness and Welfare programme model;
  • Directs and guides subordinates in the most relevant  and suited course of action related to the Psycho-Social, Wellness and Welfare of the beneficiaries;
  • Provide compliance & administrative guidance and support to the interrelated departments.
  • Oversees the Psycho-social Wellness, Social Welfare and the Partial Care residential facilities (Juniors & Seniors) operations and ensure effective implementation of approved plans;
  • Contribute to advocacy processes with regards to integrated psycho-social interventions and wellness support;
  • Manages the Wellness, Social Welfare and Partial Care residential facilities human resources, departmental budgets, physical resources and ensures that performance management plans are in place for all subordinates;
  • Ensure timeous reports are submitted weekly, monthly & quarterly to the Executive Management team and Board as per Reporting schedule;
  • Develop and implement an effective monitoring and evaluation system and required tools.

Job/ Employee Requirements;

  • Formal degree in Social Work as well and/or Psychology or related professional field of expertise.
  • English, Afrikaans and Xhosa language abilities
  • Extensive experience in Management of a multi-disciplinary team, at a senior level
  • Demonstrated experiences as a Clinical, Counselling or Educational Psychologist
  • A minimum of 10 years work experience (in a similar institution)
  • Must have multi-dimensional understanding, knowledge and experience of understanding the mind and behaviour of challenged children and youth
  • Must have background knowledge of the contextual situation of disadvantaged, marginalised  and volatile communities
  • Ability to provide individual, family and group counselling
  • Ability and experience to liaise with other social, human science professionals and statutory agencies with reference to the psychological development, protection, care and treatment of children, vulnerable youth and families
  • Ability to forge collaborations with other service providers to ensure that the beneficiaries get the most comprehensive service offerings available to assist them in their psychological and physical wellbeing.
  • Proven experience and the ability to coordinate therapeutic programs relevant and specific to the needs of the beneficiaries.
  • Valid Driver’s License and own transport essential
  • High level of computer literacy and report writing skills essential
  • Proven administrative skills required to manage learner case & treatment plans
  • A commitment to uphold the values, ethics of the profession and the organization
  • Registration with the South African Council for Professional Services. (HPCSA)
  • Local travel only (if & when required)
  • Genuine commitment to team work and the collective effort to bring about positive and impactful behavioural change in children and youth

Employee & Job Behavioural Competencies:

Results Focussed; Ability to mobilize limited resources; Innovation & Creativity; Building alliances & fostering relations; Strategic Thinking; Organisational Resilience; Developing self and others; Communication; Community Awareness; Sound Judgment & Problem-Solving Skills; Initiative; Leadership; Emotional Wisdom; Stress Tolerance; Self Confidence; Empowerment and Development focused; Empathetic; Results-driven

A competitive market related salary will be offered based on qualifications and experience. Shortlisted applicants will be expected to undergo a panel interview and required psychometric assessments.

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Port Elizabeth, South Africa



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