Junior Sales Communications Management Consultant – Own Vehicle Essential

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Junior Sales Communications Management Consultant – Own Vehicle Essential

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We are a Sales and Marketing Company who manages Sales, Marketing and Projects that is partnered with other companies is seeking an internal junior Sales communications management Consultants.

To ensure that all internal and external marketing targets are researched for accuracy and submission marketing.

To ensure that all communications, marketing, and management are expressed according to high company standards.

Role of a trainee is the following:

To ensure those good relationships are established and maintained with all agents influencing the process.

To establish and maintain a calendar to ensure that the timing of communicational appointments is appropriate and adjusted according to any changes which may occur in the business.

To ensure that communication is appropriately classified and for easy reference.

Spot checks of tasks processed daily by team members.

Managing the ongoing relationship with clients.

Drawing stats for top management.


-Team player.

-Fluent English.


-Thrives in a social environment.

-Positive attitude.


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5th Floor, Unit 503, 62 Roeland Street, Cape Town


R 6000

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