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Internet Marketing consultant

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Chamberlink, and it’s 3 sister companies Hublink IBM, Cenfed BBBEE consutants and Chamlabour all work together as the only services providers to the East Rand Chamber of Commerce 520 members, The position Internet Marketing Consultant is the centre point of all these  activities ensuring the required amount of internet enquiries enter the top of the Sales Funnel. The position requires a Marketing Graduate, B.Com marketing, with a strong flair for Inbound Marketing,or sometimes called Digital marketing and even Internet Marketing, however social media marketing also needs to be a strong point of the applicant. This is a senior position on the East Rand town of Nigel.

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The successful B.Com marketing applicant will be assisted with the required input from external journalists and web designers as well as trainee consultants. Therefor we require a fair amount of leadership and a drive to complete projects  timeously and expertly.


Will be responsible to communicate with Chamber members on all levels

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The capability to converse in multi languages will also make you stand out from other applicants.

Job Location:

Nigel, South Africa


R 17500

Closing Date:

31 Mar 2020


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