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Co-Founder Software Engineer

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Credit can be expensive; take a credit card for example, which has rates typically in excess of 20 percent. On the other hand, fixed deposits (used to fund loans) often attracts only single digit returns. There are numerous reasons for this: delinquent loans, fraud, operating expenses and funding costs all need to be factored into the equation. Yet there are innovative solutions to some of these issues. The company I am looking to start will pursue these solutions.



There is one simple value that the company will adopt: do what is in the customers best interest. By following this simple (and admittedly weathered) principal everything else will follow. This is not a get rich quickly company, it’s about creating products that provide greater prosperity to all that make use of them.

There are two products that will be offered: short term loans and savings. We will connect those that have money and those that need money. Our touch will be as light as possible, thereby giving customers the best deal. A light touch implies a high degree of technical automation and no external funding. The products will embrace complex, credit models such that the intricacies are captured. And yet they will also be held out to customers in a simple manner so that anyone can understand what they are buying.



I am looking for a Software Engineer who is ambitious and can take the initiative to work on their own to drive and develop the solution.

You will also be exposed to a lot more than just coding. Building a business from the ground up will require everyone to get involved in multiple areas of business that they have less experience with.

A degree in Computer Science (or similar) is required as well as suitable experience. Experience in retail finance and mobile development is preferable but not required. Being smart is required.


Business Demands

All work is intended to be done after hours, ie don’t quit your day job. There is no minimum number of hours required. You will also be required to make yourself available from time to time to catch up (in person or call).


If you are interested and wish to find out more then please send me an email:


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South Africa


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