DealMe is an online platform created to serve multiple purposes, first, for jobs posting and search, from qualified positions to casual/day jobs, our platform is a haven for recruitment agencies, companies and individuals who need to fill positions and require personnels, plus it’s FREE to post! Our Personals section is under-construction and it’s going to be loaded with interactive features, wait for it 😉 and last but not least, our Buy&Sell section where users can put up items up for sale (including real estate and automobiles) – as we believe one man’s trash is anothers’ gold.
You sign up as a user at no cost, Yes! at no cost means Free! 😉 With the sign up comes access to all three sections of the website i. Jobs search, ii. Items Buy/sell and iii. Personals (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) – and we all know people find love in the oddest places.
Ofcourse, this is one of the main goals and inspiration for creating this service – to serve as a job-seeking portal not only for vibrant and skilled minds but for regular job seekers with little digital know-how – it’s a platform for ALL job-seekers and employers.
As an online start-up with the goal of making life easier and digitally-enhanced for everyone, we can categorically say our portal has one of the best user interaction and experience so far – as per different user testimonials, which makes searching for anything on our website such a bliss. 🙂 We guarantee our users not only of utmost web security and privacy but we also promise to do our best to make sure only scrupulous individuals and companies are allowed access to our services.
Partly so, our Buy&Sell section is where you view different items for sale and you can also post up items that you don’t have use for, try to free up as many unused items as possible, even a garage sale! – financial freedom they call it.
THIS IS IMPORTANT – You should not send MONEY to anyone you have only virtually met, if the deal is too good to be true, there is a 90{5a2b3853e2b9ceafc8b2360be341f8d27badfefec4d78a79fc09b34352232f6d} chance it is! If the deal is too far away, there are chances it won’t work and if the person wants to pay you without seeing what they are buying or they want money before you see the item yourself, it is fake! Report such profiles to Admin immediately.
Soon, very soon! 🙂 We are working to make sure we bring you the best features and functions for this section, this is the segment of the website where you get to socialize and meet people who will really matter. Watch out!
All sellers in this section are either individuals or companies and they are not dealing on behalf of DealMe – which is why we always advocate for users to see whatever they are buying and confirm it’s working conditions before paying anyone as DealMe is not responsible for the sellers on the website.
Absolutely! We are not charging you for all job searches on the website neither are we charging for posting your ‘items for sale’, don’t forget the personals section is underway and yes, exactly what you thinking, it is also absolutely free! – Nothing can be better .. right ? 🙂
DealMe was conceived by everyday people looking to make life easier for fellow everyday people by means of technology. DealMe is looking to be the biggest online social and trade platform in Africa in a few years – You got us, we got you .. 😉 .
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