We are an online hub for job-seekers and employers in South Africa, a platform where recruiters and their potential employee seamlessly integrate and network and not just that, we are also for the blue-collars! 

Our handyman section contain profiles of talented handymen and craftsmen across the country who currently are using technology to reach their customers and a broader audience.

As an online start-up with the goal of making life easier and less cumbersome for everyone, we can categorically say our portal has one of the best user interaction and experience so far – as per different user testimonials. We also have a genuine passion for connecting people with whatever they need to succeed and also creating a seamless platform for online person-person interaction.

We guarantee our users not only of utmost web security and privacy but we also promise to make sure only genuine individuals and companies are allowed access to our services.

DealMe Jobs is the job search section of DealMe that lists available jobs from different employers across all provinces in South Africa, job-seekers use this platform daily to search for jobs around them and if you are a ‘DealMe Jobs’ subscriber, you will receive a weekly update of job vacancies around you.

Though, DealMe does not directly offer jobs to candidates we are a service and we only serve as a platform for employers to post jobs and for job-seekers to find those jobs online.

Easy! this is one of the main goals and inspiration for creating the DealMe service as a whole – to empower and serve as a recruitment platform not only for vibrant and skilled minds but for newbies and fresh talents entering the labour market, this is a platform for ALL job-seekers and employers.

The link to our job listing page is conspicuously displayed on the website and you simply need to click ‘Jobs’ from the menu to arrive on the jobs listing page.

1. Click the homepage menubar, select the ‘Post’ menu and select ‘Jobs’ from the pop up 2. On the Post Job page, insert information about the vacancy and proceed, Your job post will then be sent for review (You will get an email notification to this effect)

Option 2:

We call it  the ‘two-step job post’ .. 1. On the homepage, click the ‘Post Free Job Ad’ button the link will take you to our Jobs listing page 2.  Click ‘Post Free Job Ad’ button, clicking the button will take you directly to the Post Job page where you will insert the required job information 3. Select POST to proceed and one of our moderatos will review & publish your job post


A growing online community of real people with incredible talents and notable craftsmanship, this is where you source the perfect handyman for your building project, find an expert technician ready to do part-time work or if you seek nothing more than a good garden hand, you’ll find everyone locally. 

This is also where successful and talented handymen reach their clients and network irregardless of their current physical location, this section is helping handymen across the country build their virtual profile and our handymen tells us it is an amazing experience !

To register as a handyman, click the register button on the header of the website and check the handyman checkbox to confirm that you want to register as a ‘handyman’, you will then be redirected to the handyman registration page where you will have the option of registering as either an individual or a company. After choosing an option proceed to input information about you or your business, after your details have been inserted click ‘Proceed’ and that’s it ! You will be added to our handyman community, follow the below link or paste it in your browser to register.


Registration & membership is FREE on #DealMeHandyman 🙂

If you want to advertise your business or services on our page banners (Homepage, Jobs listing page & Handyman Page) Please email:


We will send you pricing and further info.

This section is still under construction and we are launching it soon, very soon !

We are working tirelessly to bring you the best features and functions for our personals section, this is the section of the website where you get to socialize, interact, mingle and meet people on a more personal, social and intimate setting, where you can make friends and eventually, find love.

THIS IS IMPORTANT – You should not send MONEY to anyone you have only virtually met, if the job vacancy requires you to send money to a certain third party for training or any thing of sort, please report the job ad to admin immediately and DO NOT pay the fee. 

Users are urged to continue to use our website service ethically and in accordance with best practices, any illegal attempt to edit or reproduce website content without prior knowledge of the DealMe Team, attempt to falsify information or illegally solicit money and any attempt at phishing/hacking any part of the website is frowned upon and prosecutable as stated in our Terms of Use. 

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