About Us

Grabbing lunch on a busy day, chatting to a new flame and still thinking of how to dispose of unused items in your garage to cover for the work tool you need to propel your career to the next level? Let DealMe™ do it all for you, DealMe™ is designed to help you through your hassles .. without any hassle, our jobs/classifieds section has been built to be a hub for job-seekers and employers alike, a platform where not only can you seek skilled labor but unskilled and casual laborers and employers abide.

We at DealMe™ understand how important it is to be financially fluid and we know it can sometimes be a headache to raise impromptu cash, which is why we have also created the buy/sell section where you can securely post your favorite toys and items for sale whenever need be or better still, randomly flip items you don’t currently have need for and be rest assured to get good deals.

We all need love, do I hear a Yee! Remember to check the ‘find love’ box when registering so as to be granted complete access to our personals section ..

The DealMe™ Team